Monday, September 27, 2010

Weird glasses--worth a look?

Michael Totty (WSJ Sept 27, 2010) tells us about TruFocal eyeglasses.

I am not sure I have this totally um…clear…but instead of different corrections on there with wavy demarcations, you manually adjust them to see distance, read, use the computer, or whatever.

They are made by Zoom Focus Eyewear in Van Nuys.

Apparently, tinkerers have tried for more than a century to make glasses work like an eye lens, which stretches and contracts depending.

Each lens in these is two lenses==one a flat plate of glass, the second a plate with a flexible membrane containing a clear liquid. This one can squirm around.

Once adjusted—the whole field of vision is whatever you want—distance, close, and so on.

Downside—they only come in Harry Potter “round.” Colors are available, though.

Next month, too—the name will change to Superfocus.

So, I guess they are still trying to get a “bead” on this.

Also—the price. Could not learn it, but saw mention of a payment plan. That can’t be good new$.

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