Friday, September 17, 2010

Whooping cough making a comeback

I once saw a video of a desperately hacking, mucus-covered toddler fighting for breath. Whooping cough.

It’s making a reappearance, notably in California.

Babies don’t get vaccinated until the age of 2 mos and parents, sibs, visitors and others can track the disease into the house. In CA, officials are urging such people get the vaccination.

If you have a cold or respiratory problem, steer clear of infants.

Whooping cough, also called pertussis, is at a high in CA not seen since 1955.

The Latino community has been very hard hit. This is attributed to census data pointing to Latino kids living in large households with more likelihood of the bacteria being carried home.

Some parents of all nationalities are leery of the DPT shot—given in three stages. The “P” is pertussis. Still, to protect all children (and get the kid in school), you need to get these vaccinations.

I tried to balk, too—but my elderly German pediatrician said how about half a dose at a time. Even then, my kid got a lump in her leg. I said, “Ha!” But she is with us today and never got whooping cough.

Be smart.


Anonymous said...

June 2010 article, very current.

Incidence and Reproduction Numbers of Pertussis: Estimates from Serological and Social Contact Data in Five European Countries.
Kretzschmar, M

"Vaccination with currently used vaccines cannot prevent continued circulation and reinfection with pertussis, but has shifted the bulk of infections to adolescents and adults."

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks for the info.

Star Lawrence said...

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