Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alarm clocks from hell

I am a light sleeper, but my daughter can sleep through even my repeated frustrated shouts for help and assistance.

Or says she does, anyhow.

Now come some high tech solutions for people who can’t wake up. Ann Marie Craker writes in the WSJ, Oct 13, 2010.

How about a heart attack first thing? Some of these are crazy loud.

Sonic Alert touts some alarms called the Sonic Bomb, The Sweetheart, and the Skull—chainsaw loud. Plus—each has a flashing red light and a vibrating pad to jolt you under the mattress.

This company was making things for deaf people and turned to college students (perhaps turning them into future customers?).

Most people do use an alarm clock, docs say. But most of those awake right before—their brains are keeping track.

These loud numbers can set off the adrenaline cycle, which can flood your system with corrosive substances.

These can get pretty wacky. One eludes snooze button abusers by rising off the nightsstand with propeller blades. The Clocky, another one, jumps off the table and rolls around the room beeping.

Other people use their cellphones for waking up. Some of these even show a clock face while in the charger.

And some lucky folks like my kid have human alarms to annoy and terrorize them. We’re free of charge.

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