Wednesday, October 06, 2010

As plain as...

Noses. Some people have “nose issues.” I happen not to. Mine just sits there and doesn’t annoy me at all.

ALLURE magazine, October, got into the nose deal.

The first rhinoplasty was 2,600 years ago, in India—they used cheek skin to redo the schnozz.

In 738, some nuns tried to become less attractive to marauding soldiers by cutting off their noses (don’t you just love history?).

The thing about your nose itching meaning you would drink a lot or kiss a fool came from Jonathan Swift.

The first electronic nose was invented in the 1980s and is still used to protect perfume patents.

Two million Americans have no sense of smell—did you know that?

In 2009, 138K rhinoplasties were performed—fourth most popular elective operation.

Sniff—so sue me, I am feeling frivolous today. Who nose why.

By the way, ALLURE took an online poll and only 61% of the respondents "liked" their noses.

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