Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dyslexia--worth checking for

Some people’s brains just work differently—and the way they work makes it hard to read or comprehend.

Up to 15% of the population has issues with this—the words scrambled, marching off the page, transposed, won’t soak in, and so on.

The govt has been trying to figure out how the brain processes letters and words for 40 yrs.

This is a neurological thing, not a visual disorder. It can be inherited.

Catching it early is key.

If your child has difficulty learning the alphabet or naming things, this can be a flag.

Can he or she count syllables in a word?

Does the child transpose letters when writing?

Can the child name colors, does he or she need to hear things over and over?

There are many signs. Go to http://www.interdys.org/ for more info.

This can be very frustrating, for parents, kids, and teachers, but it can be overcome, if not “cured."

Overcoming can be good, though.

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