Friday, October 08, 2010

Even if you are not a bike messenger

I remember in DC that bike messengers ruled the road—and often the sidewalks—looping up and down in between cars and pedests.

The State of NY took a look at these road warriors in a study of 143 bicyclists injured in traffic crashes. This is not just the ones that died (1%), but those who needed hospitalization and maybe rehab.

Eighty-seven percent were men, 96% over 18.

What were the common causes of injury or death?

Not wearing a helmet. Helmets are required in NY for cyclists under 13 and for ALL working cyclists (messengers). Only 24% of those injured were wearing protection.

Alcohol in the system was also a leading risk factor for injury. Don't drink and pedal. The same goes for herb.

As for bike-car crashes, in this sample, 18% of the injured were in the bike lane. Seventeen percent were hit by a car door opening. Taxis took out 35%.

One researcher remarked dryly that he didn’t think New York laws were being enforced.

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