Friday, October 22, 2010

Even if you're sick, watch out for this

This is the second time I have heard of this—hospitals bringing people in via the ER and then admitting them but not changing their status to inpatient—which results in a lot of claims not being honored by Medicare Advantage plans.

Very sly, hospitals.

How are you supposed to know this? Well—I will ask that insurance person who comes around to get your info in the ER.

Speaking of insanely complicated stuff that can ruin you, I tried to look at the new formulary (list of drugs) for the prescription plan Medicare made me get.

Let’s see…hmmm….75 pages. Well, how about my high blood pressure drug, lisinopril?
Under “L’”? Nope. Under “H” for Hypertension? Nah. Hmmm…High Blood Pressure—H? Silly puppy.

Then I went to the back, found lisinopril under “L” in the index…Oh, “Anti-hypertensives.” Under A. I get it. Let’s see…40 mg, 40 mg…I see 10, I see 20, no 40.

Oh, never mind! This is enough to raise your blood pressure.

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