Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A fitness regimen for kids

Katherine Hobson ( says kids are the latest targ…er, focus…of the fitness deal.

Oh, they are fat (obese being the word of the day), can’t run, play video games, the indictment is long.

Yet, many kids are also involved in travel leagues, year-round sports, multiple sports. So that is the opposite.

Before playing a sport, a kid should have training. Or be getting out and doing stuff 6 days a week. Kids don’t mow the lawn or play outside anymore, this article notes. (We used to throw cherry bombs in the neighbor’s pond and run, but I guess that counted.)

Pick a fitness instructor who is kid-oriented. Maybe certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (

Make sure skills are age appropriate. Running, jumping, kicking and so on for the younger ones. Maye strength training for the older kids. No heavy stuff for the under-12s.

Overdoing it can be bad—specializing in a sport too young and overtraining. Think about injury prevention! With year-round sports, kids may need to be limited by pitch counts or other methods. They should warm up.

Your child is probably not going to win a scholarship or become an NBA star. So think nearer term—the fun and doable.

Remember common sense?

Yeah, nobody does.

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