Monday, October 11, 2010

I ate some darn old grain

Remember that Ice Man they found in the Alps in 1991—well, this is sort of gross, but when they looked in his stomach, he had eaten a species of wheat called einkorn for his last meal.

I just tried it! (Mine was more recent.)

A company called Jovial has decided to create demand for ancient foods—they sent me some fusilli and long pasta made of einkorn.

Apparently, this stuff is more nutritious than its modern-day counterparts—or even than the iconic superfood blueberries. Protein, B-vits, minerals. Tons of goodies, even lutein for those with funky eye problems like I have. (It does contain gluten, so be warned.)

They use special bronze dies to press the shapes, so more sauce can absorb.

OK, OK—but what does it taste like?

I am no pinkie-in-the-air foodie, as you know. It’s kind of taupe in color, which looked sort of unpromising to me. But I cooked it up with some veggies and butter and it was al dente, nutty-tasting, even a tiny bit sweet with a note of molasses. Good!

It’s about four bucks a box, but packed with nutrients.

Go to was also good.

Would an Ice Man steer you wrong? Maybe. But I wouldn't.


Whole Grain Einkorn Blog said...

Congratulations! Einkorn is a fantastic and rare ancient grain - the first form of cultivated wheat known to man.

Your description of the flavor matches that of almost everyone who has tried it.

You mentioned readers may also enjoy the full story of the iceman or the nutritional comparison of einkorn to different types of whole grains.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with einkorn!

Star Lawrence said...

You're welcome--even though it's trendy, I guess, I still liked it! I am a cynic, as you know.