Friday, October 01, 2010

Infant sleep positioners--recalled!

What if you were trying to keep a baby safe and suffocated it instead?

Please stop using those baby sleep positioners—pillows with sort of “stoppers” on either side to keep the baby from rolling over.

These popped up when doctors decided sleeping on the back prevented Sudden Infant Death Syndrome better than being put down on their tummies.

The FDA has received 12 death reports on these in the last 13 years.

Some of these were approved by the FDA for other purposes than anti-SIDS.

The trouble is even the youngest infants can migrate around the bed—every parent has seen this happen—the baby will have its head against the bumper when you come in and they were put down in the middle of the crib.

These bolster things can jam against the infant’s nose.

Actually any soft bedding, pillows, Teddies, and the like, can be a danger. If the baby can travel across the mattress, it can also lift its head if something is not in the way.

So—next yard sale—nope on these!

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