Thursday, October 21, 2010

Men with breast cancer

It happens. Remember that show called “Oz”? Crafty murderer Ryan O’Reilly got it. That was fiction,of course.

Cathryn Creno, AZ Republic, Oct 17, 2010, writes about a guy who had a walnut-sized lump he showed people (just not doctor people) for 10 yrs.

Ooops. Cancer.

Two thousand American men are diagnosed each year.

The guy with the walnut lump had surgery, six rounds of chemo and 34 rounds of radiation, and was on Tamoxifen for five years.

Some signs...hard painless chest lump, nipple pain or discharge, swelling, dimples or puckering in the area.

There is a 2011 calendar of Marines from Camp Lejeune who have had breast cancer. You can get it from

Why? Well, chemicals at the camp may be implicated in the cancer cases.

Always, always something, isn’t it?

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