Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sticker shock at the pharmacy

I am dreading getting my 3 mos of BP meds—and they are generic and cheap!

The WSJ, Jonathan D. Rockoff, Oct 12, 2010, says more and more people are going to pick up their medicine, hear the price, and make a u-turn and leave.

What part do these employers and insurance companies not get about how broke a lot of people are?

Yet, this year, at enrollment season, more and more is being shunted over to the patient to pay out of pocket. Huge deductibles, thousands and thousands, before insurance pays a cent.

Some policies (McDonalds) want you to pay $800 a year for $2000 of insurance.

The state programs being cobbled up under Obamacare are more than $500 a mo—many people, especially if they are ill, don’t have that lying around. You have to be well to work.

My advice—tell your doctor you are on a tight budget. But those samples? Usually they are the high-priced stuff. You may not be able to continue on them when you are paying. Make this clear.

You think this will get better when we are forced to settle for some insurance plan in 2014? Ever heard the term "captive audience"?

You have a rich fantasy life. I envy you.

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