Monday, October 25, 2010

Student health plans--sickly?

Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Mary Pilon wrote about those health plans collitch kids get when they enroll—well, get…they pay for them.

Funny story—these plans are exempt from Obamacare—at least the part now that says 80% of their revenue must be devoted to health care. This is the part many well-connected companies are opting out of (oh, I am sorry—get a waiver for).

They may be permanently carved out. The WH denies it…but let’s see what happens.

So now, parents can keep the kids on their plans (which costs) or keep them in the college lashups (which costs less).

The college plans as a group rank among the worst plans in the country. Some have ceiling of $2,500.

You guessed it—they have been creeping along under the radar.

Sure, young people tend to be healthier, but what if one gets cancer, has a breakdown, or is in a terrible car wreck?

At very least, before going to a school, ask about the plan. What is the maximum benefit? Are prescriptions covered? Mental health? What is the loss ratio—the amount of the premium paid in claims.

Avoid surprises. Yeah, like that is even possible.

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