Monday, November 08, 2010

Are we hurting our eyes?

I am all about the eyes, since losing sight in one of them.

In the last 30 years, nearsightedness has increased 66%.

We spend $31.7 billion a yr on vision, with $21 billion of that being for glasses and contacts.

What amount of this increase is from better diagnosis? What part is from staring at screens, peering at tiny phones and keys, and just generally overstimulating our eyes?

You really need to go to the eye doctor once in a while. Some people go every year.

If you lose even one, that spare is really no substitute on its own.

Trust your Auntie Star on this.

If your eyes feel scratchy, get some drops. Try to look at things near, then things far, alternate.

And if you see any flashes of light or globs of floaters or heaven forbid, maroon blood, in there, get thee to a doc!

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