Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Beauty no-nos

Justine van der Leun, AOL, writes about beauty treatments that seem like a good idea at the time, but can go wrong.

First, skin lightening creams, containing hydroquinone. People use these for years, when they were prescribed for 2-8 weeks. Bad! The stuff potentially causes cancer and is banned overseas for causing a rare condition where skin turns dark blue or black.

That Latisse eyelash grower stuff can darken or redden eyelids and stimulate hair growth in places you might not want it.

Acrylic nails can result in all kinds of problems—fungus, nail lift, pain—people have even ended up in the hospital.

Hair weaves, too can weaken follicles—hair can fall out. Also people can be allergic to the glue.

And keep the false eyelashes for special occasions. The glue, you know.

Keep the beauty you have. Intelligence is gorgeous!

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