Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The carrot and the CD

Trevor Hunnicutt, AP, writes that our beloved National Bossy-Cows are now after the happiest food on earth—the Happy Meal.

The San Francisco nannies have already passed an ordinance taking the toys of out of meals with more than 650 mg of sodium, 600 cals, or more than 35% of their cals from fat.

Fruit or a veggie would have to be included to make the thing toy-eligible.

The fast food industry is described as “predatory.” I am surprised “murderous” is not in there someplace.

The industry is already self-regulating, although activists scoff at this.

My sister gets the Happy Meal because the burger is small. Might I add that the toy is crummy? Bah! A CD sometimes.

I lived in two apts near McDonalds over the years. You know what was really weird? Someone could spill a shake and it would sit in the hot sun all day and not melt.

Some gal in England took a Happy Meal and put it out in her kitchen, no refigeration, for 6 mos (see pix). It hardened but did not rot. Think about that.

Maybe we could eat the CD.

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