Monday, November 15, 2010

Daydream believer

According to a study in Science, people spend almost half their waking hours thinking about something besides what they are doing.

Ya think?

I sort of question this, though, because the researchers said sex was the only time people paid attention—are they joking, you can think of lots of stuff during sex.

The mind wandered no less than 30% of the time. The average was 46%.

Supposedly happiness comes from being in the “now,” focusing on what is at hand.

Yet, people apparently don’t. Interestingly, the scientists said it was not the unhappiness that made minds wander—it was the wandering of attention that created unhappiness.

Apparently this was all concluded from calling people on their Apple iPhones and asking was their mind wandering at that moment and were they happy.

Sorry….mind wandered there. Uh, why are people who can afford iPhones unhappy?

I should have been a scientist!

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