Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Flash on this!

Art Carey, Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 27, 2010, says a therapist named Nancy Dreyfus has developed a system of flash cards couples can use while fighting. She now has a book on this called Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love.

The title comes from an interchange two patients were having. Dreyfus wrote the phrase on a piece of paper and asked the man to hold it up to his wife. Reportedly, it changed everything.

The book contains 101 messages. “You are being a bully” or “I am in knots.”

Dreyfus says most couples have a warmth and connection, even if fighting,

The flash cards, she says, are without toxins such as insincerity, sarcasm and exasperation.

What do you think? This would not be my style. I just had a fight with my daughter. I don’t feel like flashing, “You have no idea how sorry I am about the direction I took this in.”

I want to write something else completely.

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