Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New way to chill

I mean, old. Old way to calm down. The labyrinth. Some hospitals are even putting them in as a place where family members and patients can slowly, contemplatively wander.

Rachel Gouk, Philadelphia Inquirer (Nov 3, 2010) says churches and municipalities are also featuring these in open spaces. The practice of walking in a labyrinth is more than 5,000 years old coming from early Christian and Celtic, or even Wiccan, origins.

A maze—bushes—is made to confuse or challenge. A labyrinth is made to lead gently to the center, then back out, re-entering the world.

Walking prayer or mediation, the anti-Twitter, are other terms used.

Some people mow them into their lawns. That would seem to involve a week whacker.

Talk about the opposite of calming. That would be weed whacking.

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