Friday, November 19, 2010

Using insurance less, paying more

Gosh, one of those fun ironies! I love those, don’t you?

David Whelan, Forbes, Nov 8, 2010, says many patients are delaying surgery, ducking doctor appts, and filling fewer prescriptions.

United paid 80.1% of its reserves, down from 82.3% last year.

Humana—2% fewer claims. Also—they are losing 300,000 members.

(They keep the savings as profit.)

Yet, even with increased profits and having to pay fewer claims, these darling companies are jacking premiums 12% this year.

I had to switch from Medicare with a supplement to Medicare Advantage. Yes, I know the present admin is going to gut these plans, but I might get a couple of years out of it.

Reading the materials was like breaking a code. So complicated! Tier this, tier that, refer to Medicare Act, do this, do that…

Then try it with bad vision—or being old. Hmpf.

I told my broker I wanted a doctor who would just leave me alone, give me my pills, not do any harm to me, and not berate or lecture me.

Less work for the doctor, more money for the company, right?

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