Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you one big itch?

It doesn’t get too cold out here in AZ, but our skin does fall off right on schedule.

Dr Mitchell Chasen, medical director of Reflections, Center for Skin and Body (, has some thoughts on unruly skin.

If your face or hands get red when it’s brrr-cold, cover them—the cold constricts blood vessels, then when you get warm, the blood floods back and you get red.

Blotchiness can be caused by dry skin. Avoid hot showers and use moisturizers liberally. A humidifier in the bedroom also can help.

Decrease use of retinoids in winter.

If you think acne is worse in winter, it’s really that it’s better in summer due to more sunlight. If you went off your acne med in summer, get back on.

Drink a lot of water, eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts and seeds for skin care.

If your hands look creepy or crepey—use moisturizer before the hands are fully dry.

I use hand lotion—but this can really get going and make you miserable.

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Star Lawrence said...

My mother used to coat her bod in Vaseline and use a special sheet for that night--one time, when my kid was small, we came to visit and my daughter kept making little ew sounds...finally she said, "This sheet is GREASY!"