Friday, December 03, 2010

Berg juice

Sometimes I wonder.

The other day, I wrote about a lifesaving water desalinator that needs backers (page down), and today, I am writing about a guy who found backers to chip ice off icebergs and bottle the water.

Yup, he is going up to Greenland, moseying over to a berg and hacking off 1,500-lb pieces to put in bottles labeled Glace Rare Iceberg Water.

This guy is all about the bergs. He has tried Iceberg Beer and Iceberg Vodka. Never took off.

Apparently, this water is so pristine and tasteless, that the tastelessness IS a taste.

Water is the new wine, one guy said.

I am sick of that this is the new that thing. But I digress.

I am into water…I used to sell water filters and still use a counter top model. I think it’s neat that all the water we will ever have is on earth now—drinkable, polluted, salty, or whatever.

We will have to deal with shortages—here in the desert we already are. Whole cultures rise and fall on water.

I guess this iceberg deal is OK—at least he is trying something.

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