Friday, December 17, 2010

Buying house-brand formula is OK

By law, baby formula must contain the same nutrients—so even an offbrand or house brand is fine. Baby formula is not like offbrand dog food—which can contain fillers and weirdness. Or so my dog says.

Good news these days when even tiny sips can cost.

Also, the president of Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottles (consider the source) says exposing formula to the air or the baby to air in swallowing can not only cause colic and stomach upset, it can diminish the nutritional value.

At the Univ of Nevada, they tested several bottles (Journal of Maternal and Child Nutrition) and vitamins C, A, and E diminished rapidly in both breast milk and formula when exposed to air.

Well, in the case of breast milk, the baby has to breathe sometime and it will be right on the milk source, it seems to me. And in bottles, there is air in there. Maybe less exposure with bottles with a liner that squooshes down around the contents…

It’s always SOMETHING! What do you think, peeps?

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