Thursday, December 02, 2010

Careful with those meds, ladies

Another irony—the older you get, the more meds you apparently “need,” but the harder it is to metabolize them or avoid bad side effects.


I have even heard that after 50, you should not get those “timed release” vitamins because the body cannot break those down as well.

You can save money that way! Yay!

Women have to be particularly careful with medications—many work differently in women than in men. Many of the studies, though, were done on men, not women.

Tell your doctor about all the things you take—either from another doctor or the store.

Don’t get into that…”Oh, yeah, I take an aspirin—aren’t you supposed to?”

If you take St Johns wort and then need surgery, it can interfere. The doctor needs to know.

Grapefruit juice can be bad with several meds.

And if you forget to take it should you take two the next time (usually not).

As if you feel woozy or get a stomachache or rash, can you just stop the drug—or do you need to taper off.

Oh, and those fine-print instructions they give you—read those. Wouldn't hurt.

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