Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chai time

What’s hot for 2011—foodwise? Healthwise? Of course, we will be getting lists aplenty.

I already tried the Chai mix from www.ajmerainnovations.com --add hot water and warm your insides with cardamomacious goodness! The stuff was good.

The Food Channel is predicting some trends for 2011. First canning will make a comeback—I wrote about that before on here, search on “canning” above. The govt stands ready to lend advice, I believe.

More men will wear aprons—meaning they will cook more. Are you joking--I would not even DATE anyone who could not cook. My sister, likewise.

We want hand-tended, local food—or some people will. Me, whatever.

Shut up, food nannies! Yes! Do zip it. This ESPECIALLY includes the First Lady who is pushing more lobster in the school cafeteria or something.

Eat fresh foods, the Food Channel says (nannyish?). They suggest growing it on your roof—which of course, is taking it way too far.

Hire more chefs in schools…see above.

Eating for sex will be a trend…I am not sure what that means, but some possibilities come to mind and now I can’t get them out.

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Anonymous said...

Love your take on these trends!