Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do women fear the dentist more than men?

I know I would rather have two roo…never mind…drink Drano than go to the dentist.

I fear their checklist of things I need—the cost—deciding whether these are real needs or not…arg.

Mostly, cost, cost, cost.

Karen Keller wrote about this sort of babyish behavior on AOL, One in five women have dentist phobia—twice as many as men. This was a Canadian study—do they get dental there like they do medical? Maybe it was fear of pain and disgustingness.

Fifteen million root canals are performed in the US each year. This is the most feared procedure. I have never had one and since I never go, probably won’t.

Hope I didn’t jinx myself!

Supposedly 95% of root canal patients report no pain.

Dentists recommend distraction, tapes, music, TV. Some stuff is now done with that twilight sleep or sedation, which I also fear.

I have two words for everyone who says I am an idiot: MARATHON MAN.


Marie Kelly said...

I am a woman and I don't fear the dentist. My father actually stopped going to the dentist indefinitely since he's so scared of them. I told him to go to my dentist (dentistry for children and families http://www.dentistry4children.net) since they're really good with people and I've never heard a screaming child in there. So in my case it's actually the opposite since I feel my dentist is one of the best for general and pediatric dentistry in chicago.

Star Lawrence said...

Ooo--Wosh I lived in Chicago! Thanks for writing.

Sean Butcher said...

Talk about costs huh? My wife is rejecting my suggestion that we go to the dentist to have her teeth checked 'cause she was complaining about her old dentures. I even asked our daughter who lives in Myrtle Beach to convince her mother. You know what they say, prevention is the key. Better have 'em checked. If you think you cannot afford it, find alternatives.