Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Girls get different concussion symptoms

At the Second Annual Youth Sport Safety Summit in DC, a paper was presented on gender differences in symptoms of concussion in HS athletes.

Apparently my scholarship to DC for this was lost in the mail.

In 2008, 41% of HS athletes were female.

Female athletes are MORE likely than males to suffer a concussion in sports.

Although they are getting more serious about diagnosing these when a blow to the head occurs, now it seems symptoms in women may differ. Mostly, coaches, trainers, and doctors rely on what the person says,

As a rule, athletes tend to minimize or under report. Secondly, men report confusion and disorientation more, women seem to get drowsy more often or think noises are too loud.

In any case, the new thinking and rules are that the youngster should not be returned to play without a certified authority allowing it. Sometimes, the athlete cannot even go back to class, play video games or text until the mild brain injury that is concussion resolves.

Once you have had one concussion, the next is even more serious—this is cumulative.

This is why HS and even professional teams are taking a hard look at this, despite some people thinking worrying about it is wimpy.

It’s not wimpy to want to avoid Alzheimer’s-like symptoms at 50 from repeated head blows while young.

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