Friday, December 31, 2010

Lose creases, look somewhat better

Do you like the expression “shed” for pounds? Like you would shed a snakeskin
or bothersome fur? I don’t…but moving along…

Jessica Prince, Harper’s Bazaar, trots out some “anti-aging” so-called secrets.

Are your lips looking thinner? Wear lighter lipstick. Please don’t get one of those horrible “trout pouts” like that woman on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I beg of you!

Use an eye pencil not gooky liquid liner.

Use “camouflage” concealer, not the kind that settles into the cracks.

Use extra-virgin olive oil as a moisturizer.

Take care of your hands with retinol and Vaseline. Same for scaly old peds. The fat on top of my hands is gone! Weird--I liked fat little hands.

Don’t squint—get your eyes checked.

Self-tanner can deepen the appearance of sun spots. To fade those, use lemon juice mixed with water—apply with a Q-tip.

Try some Frownies—little patches over the crinkled parts while you sleep.

Vermont Country Store has Frownies!

Frownies, Frownies—just the word makes you do the opposite. Maybe we could just say it a lot.

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