Monday, December 20, 2010

Now we are making poor little animals eat this

People and animals are getting too cozy—or at least I think that is what these scientists were trying to suggest.

Foxes, raccoons, and possums are eating fast food leftovers, it seems, and the endangered kit foxes in CA and tests show their blood is full of isotopes similar to fast food-loving humans’.

Seems the corn is showing up—presumably from that demon corn syrup in fast food, not a nice cornfield or stomach of a bird.

While this is bad for the foxes, they die even sooner in non urban environments because they have more predators in the latter.

So how about it, my foxes—Big Mac or Big Bad Wolf?

I don’t know—this sounds a little on the bogus side to me.

Although I did see some pretty sassy foxes in someone's backyard on "Billy the Exterminator," so maybe they are getting bolder and craving burgers more.

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