Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, my stars, my stars

Darn, I am having a hard time getting used to low vision! It’s been four years now since people rummaging around inside my right eye socket knocked out my eyesight on that side.

I spill things down the outside of cups—hmm, that LOOKED like it would go in. I can still use the screen. I listen to books on CD now. I can work about 4-5 hrs, then it sort of goes south on me.

I guess it’s handicapping, but I feel like others have it worse.

Anyhow, on the “Well Blog” at the New York Times, they were blabbing about no-vision, low-vision issues. Check out:

As always, the comments were very informative. One came from a gal at I went to the site and it’s pretty smokin’.

There are many devices and approaches for people now—courtesy of technology. You can read the paper online (I do with some, but also have two “driveway” papers that I read with a magnifying glass). You can pay bills online—I don’t. Computers can talk to you—as can Kindles and the others.

Check out the Computers and Technology section of the site for some great links.

Another interesting point in all this—to me—was if you are blind, learn Braille—if you just use audio, how will you learn to spell?

And start learning all these devices early—they take practice.

The woman who contributed this site to the discussion also said rehab with certified practitioners can set you on the right track.

So many people are experiencing vision loss what with the Boomers getting macular degeneration and other ills.

Oh--to stave that off, someone recommended eating an egg each day. It's all about the lutein.

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