Thursday, December 09, 2010

Outdoor deprivation disorder

Jane E Brody, NYT, Nov 29, 2010, says Americans don’t play outside enough.

Kids spend 7.5 hrs a day thumb-writing and playing video games inside.

The cure is to get out into those green spaces.

The color green is good for you (bad news for us desert rats).

Even the WH, or especially this WH, has said we need to get out more. I guess they mean on the golf course.

Now people are talking about volunteer health guides in the parks.

Doctors may write prescriptions for people to hike.

Wellness lectures around the camp fire.

Oh, there is a way to RUIN the outdoors, count on it.

Yes, green is soothing, fresh air exhaled from large trees smells good and is good, but hello—West Nile, sprains, freezing or starving while lost, bites, bears, mountain lions, Sasquatch, the Wendigo, sunstroke, cutting off your arm if it gets caught between a rock and a hard place, drowning, maniacs.

Think about it.

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Star Lawrence said...

Aw--you do know I was kidding, right? Go outside--chances are, you will live through it.