Thursday, December 30, 2010

Push, push...10, 9, 8...

Loyola, which must have time on its hands, has scoped out the business of being the first baby born in the New Year.

Hospitals share enthusiasm for this, says Karen Deighan, MD, director of OB/Gyn there.

Being first can mean free diapers, food, maybe even a scholarship and a pix in the paper.

Being born in right before the new year can mean a tax deduction, though.

Deighan claims no one has ever asked her to slow down or speed up the process, although she seems to say this is a possibility with other hospitals or doctors.

A circulating nurse will call the time. What constitutes “born”? The kid must be outside the mother—completely. The cord does not have to be cut.

It’s an honor system—no pix are needed.

Parents have to consent to be photographed. What if they are illegal or something? The first baby is then the first parents who agree.

Now comes the bad news. Those free diapers and scholarships—very rare.

Oh, well, you have the kid.


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