Monday, December 13, 2010

Senility might make this easier

I just changed Medicare plans. Yes, it’s Open Season on old people! Ka-boomer!

I have oh, maybe 98% of my marbles left. I knew I was in for trouble, though, when the postcards started coming. Time for a change! Can we help you?

I had straight Medicare with a supplement and the separate drug plan they make you buy on pain of a fine. (You all will love this fine business when that gets going in 2014 unless smarter heads prevail.) Anyhow, the supp had rocketed from $90 to $155. I had changed to another for $70—then could not pay that.

What to do…well, those HMO things are targeted to be decimated in a few years, but maybe I could get a zero-premium (which means $98) HMO “Advantage” plan and ride the damn thing down.

One choice was from a local hospital chain. We live in the Valley of the Sun. This was called Medi-Sun. I do love a bad pun, but when I called the sales person to get a packet and mentioned that I had used a broker..the person said, “Then why bother me?” Hmmm…some attitude.

I moved on to finally calling aforesaid broker. She recommended Cigna or something I had never heard of called Scan. Turns out Scan is 50 years old…am I sure of that. I think so…still, typing it makes it look improbable.

Cigna was in a closed clinic type deal—everything in one place, x-rays, lab, etc. I don’t want a lot of targeting—I want my BP pills, maybe to discuss my heart rhythm thing, my ruined eye, get a take on it, but no nurses calling, no weight loss regimens, no weighing period, no nothing. I decided against Cigna.

That left Scan. I got the package. My eye doctor—the only one not fired—was on it. OK, good.

I had to pick a primary doctor right on the phone with the broker—eeek, usually, I vacillate, cry, rail, etc for weeks over these people! I picked someone near the top—in the B’s.

So in Jan, I am in Scan. As for now, nothing better happen—I have no supplement.


Star Lawrence said...

There is no good place for this, so I will just tell you--there is a site of when to pee during the movies out now. I don't know what else to say.

Star Lawrence said...

Heidi Houston and her team of national Women’s Health experts will be premiering their new documentary Hot Flash Havoc, ( I thought about going to the premier, but my sister said, "I remember it all too well." So I am mentioning it here instead.

At a theatre near you...