Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So you think you know your shoe size?

Almost 90% of Americans are wearing the wrong size.

Remember those weird silver things you stepped on and the shoe clerk (remember THOSE?) moved the little measurer over to your bunion area, then zip—here’s your size.

When is the last time you got measured? I know I went up half a size after being pregnant.

Did a salesperson even eyeball you lately to see if your big old toes would fit in a toe box—or a pointy special?

Wearing the wrong footwear and size can hurt not only your feet, but your knees and back.

Many shoe manufacturers don’t even make shoes in different widths anymore—did you know that?

The wrong footwear can cause all sorts of ills—ingrown toenails, tendon pain, plantar’s fasciitis, and pain, pain, pain.

Go ahead—start over on the shoes. My sister and Mom and I joke about those “old lady” shoes our grandmothers wore—where do you get those anyhow? Are they Doc Martens?

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