Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wither veins

Laura Landro, WSJ, Dec 20, 2010, says varicose veins—those weird blue tributaries that can mar legs, are surrendering to less disgusting methods these days.

In my mother’s day, they stuck a wire down them, put a knob on the end, and stripped them out inside out! Sluuurp!

A quarter of women and 15% of men have these after age 50.

These can mean a deeper clot problem. Or break open if near the skin and refuse to heal.

Usually you will get an ultrasound to see how deep the problem goes. Smaller enlarged veins can be sclerosed—injected with a chemical to destroy them For deeper, larger ones, therapy involves threading in a catheter, then heating or zapping the vein with radio waves.

Sometimes a laser is used.

Question your doctor closely—see how many procedures he or she has done. Do your research. Maybe start here-- http://www.medicinenet.com/varicose_veins/article.htm.

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