Friday, December 24, 2010

Working out on the cheap

Walecia Konrad (NYT, Dec 24, 2010) says you can still exercise without spending a fortune.

Do you have an elliptical or stationary bike doubling as a clothes rack? Yup—I had one, put it on Craigs.

In this article some downsizing folks went to the Y to work out.

Many gyms are offering big discounts right now.

Many communities have gyms—many apt buildings likewise.

Or alums of a university can use the school facilities. Can’t hurt to ask.

Or you can find or form a group—go on Craigs. Check local runners clubs.

Yoga is also pretty cheap.

Or get a DVD and make do at home. One site is They say they can get you up to 100 pushups in six weeks.

Yeah—with a gun!

Still, all the obligatory stories about keeping resolutions and the upcoming ugly and doomed stuff on being fat--you might want to at least walk around the block.

No charge--last time I looked.

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