Friday, January 07, 2011

Advice from Canada on how to stay alive

Joanne Richard, Toronto Sun, says eat raw garlic, drink brewer’s yeast, and take a cold shower to prevent colds.

Well, the raw garlic would insure no kissing, so maybe. Brewer’s yeast—my mother used to feed that to us—makes you flatulent, same result. . The shower—well, no way. Does sitting at my desk shivering count for ANYTHING?

Gene Stone wrote a book called The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick. Some of the people—and the secrets—are weird, such as eat your nose leavings.

Nap a lot is another piece of advice.

Don’t be too clean is another tip. Some people even eat dirt to get Vitamin B12 and create more antibodies.

Other tidbits—stretch a lot, drink cranberry juice, eat apples, adopt a pet, and drink some gold.

Drink some gold?

Oh—and let me know how this works out for ya…ka-choo!

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