Thursday, January 06, 2011

Are we BFLs about our eating?

Forget all the rash resolutions (briefly) making an appearance. Even without those, Consumer Report Health says nine out of 10 Americans describe their diet as somewhat very, or extremely healthy.


One dietitian in a story on this by Erik Hogstrom, said people will see spinach-artichoke dip and think hey, spinach. Well, yeah!

Almost 80% of Americans rarely or never count calories.

Few Americans get weighed everyday (13%).

Under a third eat five or more fruit and veggie servings. By the way, this means a quart of plant matter. A quart!

Of course, this is why we are fat as Volkswagens.

I don’t eat potato chips, daily Big Macs, or even very many sweets (I am all about salt). I know the calories in EVERYTHING from a lifetime of automatically adding them up.

But I would not say I am a healthy eater. In fact, today, someone said try bok choy (we got off politics and on to how to be poor). I got some bok choy. It was like something I chopped out of the front yard.

Actually, I have prickly pear cacti out there, people eat that—maybe tomorrow.

By the way, those Wendy's salads? Bad for ya.

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