Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can you have a romance texting?

Does love really transcend communication? I know some people, even older people, who are still sort of on the lookout for love, but what’s up with this in the electronic age?

Someone very close to me found a mate online, so that has been legitimatized.

Cutie and appreciator of older women (when he isn’t sampling younger ones) Ashton Kutcher asks in Harper’s Bazaar whether texting has killed romance.

He is a huge tweeter—Demi, too.

He says in his essay that he often thinks of the billions of intimate exchanges sent daily and bouncing between satellites and servers. That is a kind of a nice picture.

Someone would meet someone, he said, they would both wait to hear the phone ring. A two-hour conversation would follow.

Now, numbers are exchanged. Someone texts because it’s easier to back off a rejection. “It was NICE meeting u.” Hmmm, why the caps in NICE? You might even ask a friend—Ashton says. Then you text something you revise ten times—you want to appear 2care, but not care 2 much.

Natural selection, he even suggests, may favor the quick-thumbed quip peddler over the confident, ice-breaking alpha male. (I gather Ashton is not a fast typist.)

Tweets just show someone publicly, he says, that they are adored. Who doesn’t like that?

We may be neglecting romance, he says.

You’d have to go on a date for that, I guess.

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