Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you have a winter hairstyle--besides hathead?

Joey Noufal, owner of Noufal Hair Color Studio (dot com), recommends winterizing hair and skin.

What? You don’t like the itchy fish scale look?

Joey says to assess your hairstyle. Bangs can be worn shorter in winter due to lack of humidity. If you have curly hair, it may be straighter in winter.

If you use a defrizzer in summer, you can switch to a moisturizing shampoo in winter.

Humidity in summer is a great skin moisturizer, but it must be replaced with product in winter.

Be sure the moisturizer is dry before applying foundation. You can blow dry your face on a low setting to get it dry.

You can use less hair gel in winter.

It takes less time to blow hair dry in winter. If you dry twice to get the humidity out, you can skip that in winter.

Wear more makeup in winter, though. Extra moisturizer makes makeup soak in. Don’t stint on the lipstick.

This just makes me FEEL supple and well, sorta greasy…but I know what to do.

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