Friday, January 21, 2011

It was a very good month

David Kesmodel, WSJ, Jan 21, 2011, says today’s wine drinkers are getting pretty unpicky.

Apparently the industry was recessed, but is now coming back—but people want to pay less. Well, duh!

Many wineries switched to cheaper vintages and are staying switched. Nine to $12 a bottle is a popular range.

One vineyard owner says the market will never be what it was.

By volume, consumption is up 2% over the year before, but the money isn’t there. Restaurants and casinos may be buying more, though.

Still, eateries are selling more by the glass.

To one place, this meant no hiring until more people started springing for the pricier bottles.

If this gets too down to earth, I will miss the snooty descriptions. Instead of swirling and saying, “Ah, quite precocious…with a hint of leather” will oenophiles say, “Hmmm, needs another year of preschool…and is that peanut butter I detect?”

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