Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My trip to the doctor--was not awful

I know, I know—I am a worrier. Wasted time and all that. Well, this time it was!

I decline to get weighed at doctors—I just say no. Guess my weight, write FAT, ask me for a number, anything, but don’t try to get me in a power play over the scale.

This new doctor’s office said, no problem, lots of people don’t want to get weighed.

Whoa, wait a hot second, am I in heaven?

The new primary was nice, smiling, listened to my ramblings, seemed like she would recognize me if I came before her again. She ordered a cholesterol test…I said I am not taking a statin..She said there are other things and we don’t even know if you need anything.

A test, then a drug—this was new. My mother once had a doctor who handed me a prescription for a harsh osteoporosis drug for her. I said does she need this? They said, “Well, she’s old.”

So, this was good. Still, I think a little worry is OK when it comes to health.

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