Monday, January 17, 2011

Poverty and fear--in your dreams

Marilyn Elias, LA Times, Jan 17, 2011, says anxiety dreams are swarming us in this recession.

I know they are getting to me. People trapped actually underwater (from all the writing about underwater mortgages and how we will become Waterworld Without the Water?), chasing, freezing and can’t move, endlessly wandering through rooms, malls, and hotels I have never seen or been in. Wandering, wandering.

How about the school dream—you are new on the job or in a class and everyone except you knows what to do, how to find the room, what was said all semester.

Deirdre Barrett, editor of Dreaming, says these dreams are on the upswing.

Other “recession” images include cracked or crumbling walls, interlopers moving into your home, A threat to your home represents your basic security.

I have dreams where I am opening bills I cannot pay.

A woman in the article tried to pay with Portuguese money—no one would take it.

Survivors of other traumas often dream of water, tidal waves, brought on by the recession and finally drowning them.

Psychologists think such dreams can actually slowly bring resolution, recovery. The part of the brain governing dreaming can devise new ways of thinking.

“Focused, waking thought can get us in a rut,” said one source.

When I wake gasping, my one thought is, “At least I finally fell asleep.” Then I get up, walk around, play part of an audiobook, anything to make sure I don’t go right back where the monsters are.

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