Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Quit trying to improve me

I worked pretty hard for more than six decades to get this twisted, funny, irrational, and yes, even sometimes thoughtful.

Yet, politicians of every stripe can’t wait to slam me into a box and fluff me up.

Laura Landro writes about this in the WSJ, Jan 4, 2011—it’s about the mayors trying to healthen us.

They can’t outlaw soda or fries, so why not tax them out of reach—kind of like gas will soon be.

San Fransisco is ixnaying happy meals unless they consist of cabbage and gruel. Kidding—gruel has carbs.

They already tell us how much to exercise—half an hour, 20 mins, in 10-minute increments, use the stairs, park far from the office, ride your bike to work, 3,000 steps, 10,000 steps…ack.

Something called the Healthy Communities Institute tracks 100 health indicators. You can go to the CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Network ( to track everything that is out to get ya.

We need more bike paths, more bike lanes, fewer poisonous cars, on and on.

Yes, we could probably eat less and take walks. But this country is BROKE, people…We can’t be lavishing money on all this.

Put the info out there and leave us alone. We are trying to make a living and many of us—millions!--don’t even have an office to park far from.

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