Monday, January 31, 2011

Smart as can be

The Original Smart Cookie company contacted me and offered me some healthy cookies.

Oh, man, I cringed.

Oxymoron—healthy cookie—if you listen to the food nannies. But I don’t, so I said, “Do they taste like sileage, you know, cow chow? Or are they like carrot cake—may contain a veggie, but still qualify as dessert.

Turns out it’s the latter. These things are delish!

I liked the kind called Gimme a Beat the best—they contain BEETS, raspberries, oats, brown sugar and white chocolate—they are pink and taste like raspberry jam. Not beety at all.

There was a kind called Yellow Mellow with corn, squash, cauliflower, and apples. Also fab.

Choco Loco—contains peas. Whoops. My kid loathes peas. She would not try it, but I liked it—must have been the apricots alongside the brocc, zucc, and apples.

There was also a peanut butter version.

As you can tell from the brown sugar and chocolate refs, these are not low cal…about 100 cals or more a cookie.

They are dessert! But with today’s new guidelines out on how we should eat more veggies (hasn’t this come up before?), maybe we could stretch a point with these smarties. Check out

They also come in bite-size.

Handy, handy, handy.

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