Monday, January 24, 2011

Smoking Mom's bath salts

Do I really have to type this up? You want to smoke Mom’s stuff on the tub shelf?

I used to know a guy named Rocky who would take a pill—you could hold out any pill and say what is this and he would pop it in and say, “Will let you know.”

I guess some teens got sick of licking toads and started in on the cosmetic shelf, because some otherwise serious folks think this is a growing drug problem.

One dude did this and suddenly decided to cut his stomach open.

Red Dove, Vanilla Sky—these have names now.

Apparently this stuff not only smells divine, but has stimulants in it.

In Louisiana the salts are already banned.

Why do bath salts need all this stuff in them?

Come on, kids. Wise up. Maybe even go to school.

And Mom? If the bath salts seem to be disappearing fast and the kid doesn’t smell delish, check it out.

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