Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sorry, no ER for stomach flu

According to Christopher Zipp, a family physician at the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine, stomach flu may be miserable, but you can probably forget the ER.

Of course, if you are wracked with nausea, vomiting, the trots, fatigue, fever/chills, muscle aches, and a headache, you may feel like you want it cured.

Young people and older adults can spew out all the liquid in their bodies and get dehydrated, which sounds kind of bland, but can interfere with the heart.

This is a virus, though. Antibiotics do not kill viruses. And if you take them for no reason, they allow the bugs all around us to gain strength against them, without being killed, and things result like antibiotic-resistant staph. Bad, bad.

If you wake up achy and sick to your stomach, stay home. Drink plenty of water or watered down juice. Rest (like it's your choice). Take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol.

And wash your hands, do yucky bed linens separately from the family wash, and just wait it out.

A couple of days should bring improvement. If you have a continued high fever or vomit uncontrollably, do call the doctor.

I also groan a lot and demand good treatment from anyone who will listen.

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