Monday, January 10, 2011

Who needs a farmer?

Eat microgreens! As the name implies you will need…um…a lot!

I saw seeds of some peppery type on Amazon for $3.50. Yes, seeds—you grow these yourself on the windowsill.

I wonder if they are like sprouts…the little stick-in-your-throat kind with a dirt-tasting seed attached…think?

Still, could be a source of nutrients…

We also had a story about growing food in your front yard. Susie Steckner, AZ Republic, Jan 8, 2011.

I already have prickly pear cacti there—the Mexican women around here make salsa from them—but they are too stickery for me!

Apparently out here people grow grapes on their arbors, rosemary hedges, mint, herbs…All I see is half-dead bougainvillea.

Others have “edible landscapes.” They build rooftop gardens for more goodness! Man, I am a grinding, terrible failure.

Wait—they said to start small. Tomatoes, lettuce and beans. Assuming you like those.

Heck—I have a pond full of fish…Maybe… way.

I have seen a blue heron snacking there twice. But it’s not like we’re having goldfish salad sandwiches.

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