Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does this bug you?

Marcel Dicke and Arnold Van Huis, WSJ, Feb 19-20, 2011, says four legs may be out in the protein dept—and six legs may be the new source.


I had a eighth grade teacher who brought in choc covered bees—and dared us to eat them. The bee was pretty encased in choc, so wasn’t too disgusting. Just a little.

Still, aren’t shrimp sort of like sea bugs? Crawdads, etc?

In New York, these two say, you can get a taco stuffed with dried grasshoppers for $11.

Water bug caviar may be coming…

Insects are high in protein, B vitamins, and iron and zinc.

Most of the developing world eats the six-leggers occasionally.

Apparently they are sort of catching on in The Netherlands.

Another argument is that unlike cows and pigs, insects like to live all squashed together.

Anyhow—this story points out—we already eat a few bugs. The average person eats a pound of insect parts a year—this much is allowed in other foods. Your next glass of fruit juice could contain 5 fruit-fly eggs.

All together now—ew.

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