Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dogs will pounce on dropped pills

There is a show—hand to God—called Your Dog Ate WHAT? It’s..duh…about dogs that eat unlikely objects such as 15 pounds of gravel, a whole ear of corn with sharp little prong-thing attached, a whole leash, the inside of a couch cushion, bait with hooks, 27 baby pacifiers (the family had screaming triplets with pacifiers everywhere), you name it.

Saturday night I watched 3 hours of this for some reason. That remains my personal problem.

Anyhow, according to Sue Manning, Associated Press, the most common thing dogs eat that’s bad is prescription drugs.

I think I wrote about this recently. But now I can add that there is a ASPCA Animal Poison Control Call Center. Call 888-426-4435 in case you need it.

Oh—and this could be bad news—calls are on the increase about purloined marijuana. Don’t let Fido eat your stash. It could increase his blood pressure.

Fido. Does anyone name a dog that—did they ever?

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